All pictures, maps and the contents of the website are subject to German copyright law.


Since artists live on the sale and exploitation of their works, it is absolutely necessary for them that you keep to the copyright and use rights. Although it may look easy, there is a lot of time and dedication in every picture. Please honor and respect years of learning and work, in which you can now have joy and attendance.  Let us keep art alive, so that art may enrich our lives.


The copyright of the pictures you have acquired remains with us, even after the purchase.


When you purchase an image, we agree that you will use the image in your private rooms and for private use. If you no longer wish to have it with you, please send it back to us.


If you would like to give a picture to someone else as a present, you must inform the recipient of the copyright and use right. If you cannot or don't want to tell us who owns the image, please note it at a safe place, that in case you can reach this person again.


For the purpose of publication or exhibition, you are obliged to provide us with the picture/pictures at times.


You are not entitled to create copies (also electronic) of the works or to use, edit or redesign the motifs and works in any way, without written consent of studio esplus (represented by studio esplus Promeuschel). This also refers to the publication on the Internet or other media, including those which are not yet known.


Respect copyright law, contact us. Just write us or give us a call!


The resale right shall be for the case of further disposal. Please contact us if you would like to resell one of our pictures.


Learn more about Copyright (Urheberrechtsgesetz, German)


May, 2018
studio esplus