Villa Giacomelli | May 2019

Villa Giacomelli Pradamano | Co-Painting

Here we are after one of our latest spontaneus painting-meeting.

These are some of the pictures and photographs, they are only shown after agreement of the participants


Many participants didn't touch colour, pencil and brush since childhood. It is amazing to see their honest and contemplative works.


Drawing and sketching together

  • Spending an afternoon in good company
  • Experiencing the place, four eyes recognize more than two
  • Capturing impressions on paper
  • Creating memories
  • Technic: watercolour and mixed media
  • Material: paper, 300 g/qm, warm white

If you like a picture, please contact us, they are available and we are very happy if you'd like to support our work

We are looking forward to our next painting-meeting.

If you would like to know more about workshops, pictures, printed cards, individual orders or editions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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