Online-Meetings and Video-Tutorials aren't that bad.

So we'll stay with them, although hopefully we'll soon meet again in real life!





Online-Meetings and Video-Tutorials can be quite helpful:

You don't have to carry around all your stuff and you won't forget anything.

You don't have long ways, wich means you can use the spare time for drawing and painting!

If you cannot leave the house, whatever reasons there might be, you are not longer excluded, you can take part and meet others for drawing and painting online.

At home, in well known environment, your safe place, you might dare to try and experiment more, with nobody looking over your shoulder.

At home you'll find so many things to draw and paint, quite more than in an almost empty classroom.

You can draw and paint just when and how long you want, you can repeat exercises as often as you wish.


Of course it is really nice to meet in person! Online-Meetings, Video-Tutorials and/or  Downloads can accompany us. Everything that helps to draw and paint better is appreciated, so - we'll stay with it.



The Video-Tutorials you'll find here:

→ go to website











Just have a look, here you'll find some Videos for drawing.

Online-Classes will take place at, but you can have a look and register here.

In person we meet at VHS for drawing and painting together.

If you want to see a bit of our meetings here we'll show some of our meetings and pictures.

We draw and paint together, whenever it is possible.

Go and book a workshop/class and we create, draw and paint.

We are looking forward to our collaboration and our works! Just call: 08106 999 88 05


All shown images and photograps, original works and prints are protected by copyright (Urheberrecht). Any usage only with dedicated written permission by the author. It is easy. Just write or call us. We are looking forward to your feedback.